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Time Well

by Cloakroom

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Bullbrain Great shoegaze in the vein of Ride, My Bloody Valentine and such. Favorite track: Gone But Not Entirely.
David Duma
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David Duma Having lived 10 years in a similarly depressing rural Illinois home west of Chicago, all of these desolate, fuzzy dreamscapes perfectly capture life in gritty, blue collar midwestern towns. This would be the perfect soundtrack for cruising one lane roads flanked by the cornfields were I still based there today. I may be late coming to this party but damn am I glad to have finally arrived! Favorite track: Seedless Star.
Nathan Neugebauer
Nathan Neugebauer thumbnail
Nathan Neugebauer If you don't know about this band, well you missed out. They are so good on so many levels. Front to back, one of the best releases in a long time, ending with my favorite song, The Passenger, it's what we all are, really. Favorite track: The Passenger.
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Inspired by the harsh, rural landscapes of Indiana which they call home, CLOAKROOM drift through a range of emotions and styles on their sophomore full-length Time Well. Fuzzy and depressive. Expressive and expansive. An amalgam of doomy stoner rock, psychedelic shoegaze and moody, pop-influenced, sonic abrasion, Time Well is 10 songs and 60+ minutes of crunchy, guitar-driven atmosphere and downbeat rhythms layered atop deceptively sweet and tranquil melodies. At times crushingly heavy, others gorgeously contemplative, CLOAKROOM write music with purpose and intent; to dissolve from this world into an infinite blur.


released August 18, 2017

2017 Relapse Records


all rights reserved



Cloakroom Northwest, Indiana

Cloakroom consists of three factory workers from the Region.


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Track Name: Gone But Not Entirely
Spent a few days returning to society
I thanked the new and the old gods too
For reassuring me
I knew ‘em by name
They crumbled under scrutiny
We drank harsh teas and we burned offerings
To stare death in the face
Newly attuned to the secrets whom
The day and night exchange
Changing my shape, removing my impurities
They're gone but not entirely
I was gone but not entirely
All that I can consume and to all I'll subdue
All that I can destroy and all I'll remove
Track Name: Big World
There's got to be a pressure point
Someone else can hold
I've got this ache between my temples
Maybe it’s my inner-eye dusting off its lens
Maybe it's that fight-or-flight acting up again
Take me outside, show me what I've been missin'
People never fail to entertain my sour disposition
Greater in thought, lesser in shape
Aeon of a child, sickness of the age
Over the ridge the circle completes
Around you and around me
There's got to be some kind of way to counteract the pull
Like a medium moves between two worlds
Yet I know there is only one plane I'm wanderin'
There is only but one way for my wheels to spin
I've been dreaming in a broken bed
Pulling off a tail that'll grow again
Becoming convinced our cold blood
Needs a little pain, needs a little sun
Nourished by the sun, nothing’s going to change
Shedding old skin, growing new fangs
Put me in a tomb, send me into space
In a little tank to disintegrate
I'll disintegrate brighter than most
Over the ridge on your way home
On your way home, tuning out the noise
Aeon of a child, sickness of the age
Track Name: Concrete Gallery
Running through a cold rain as if the pace could keep you dry The trap ‘round my leg
Underneath this maze of pine
Clothes catching nails under the wire, over the rail
As if they were always there for you
Where I belong is to the crows, and carrion
Following a harpy song, so easily amused
Hell fires roar, pulling the iron out of the ore
Fashioning a bastard sword to carve through
Frail worlds away covered in holes,
Cleansed in flame
And if there is another way
I would choose the blade
Cutting through the fog bank
Underneath this diving bell
In this world, on this plane
I could never quite break the spell
Down the stairs and up the steps again,
My compendium of concrete
And they try to bend me to their will
And they're trying still
Held in shadow of the ashen hill
Incorporeal bloodbath
Up the stairs and down the steps again
My compendium concrete
Track Name: Seedless Star
You know the line
Slivers of heaven
Hanging in the breeze like a guillotine
Starved for attention
Nothing would materialize no spell, no solstice
Either behind bars or you’re tending to the blast furnace
I would never relieve the pressure even if I could
Keeps the senses razor sharp,
And does the body good
“You'll be living off candlelight”
Said the main circuit
And the labored pangs of the acid rain
Kept me stirring
I would never relieve the pressure even if I tried
Lost dogs, leap years, all idling by
I was staring through a dull lens
Looking for the edge of the frame
I can't see it following a disillusion
Right up to the end of the page
Takes the drive right out of me
Always tying up a loose end
Waiting for the trumpets to call,
I can't hear ‘em
I was dreaming about cold fusion
Listening to the conditioned air
Picking up what's barely there
Track Name: Sickle Moon Blues
She's invoking the sign of the sickle moon,
Cut my mammal brain in two
I admire the power at her command
All snakes under the shovel head
An age of grey matter over mind
Now she's clothed in the sun
With the moon at her feet
She hates the world that's failed to see
Making time we abandon our reserve
Pretend she is an orb weaver
Relics found in the dust of the aftermath,
Some kinds of things you cut in half
Relics found in the dust of the aftermath,
Some kinds of pills you cut in half
See you in the storm shelter counting down
Cover my eyes with you, black out
Either tied to the tracks
Or burned at the stake
Our coins could not derail the train
When it feels like we've walked
Through a thousand doors
Been peeling ourselves off the floor
Track Name: The Sun Won't Let Us Go
I asked the sun to let us go
What was a frozen sphere got to spinning too close
Those waters gave way to all walks of life,
I watch them propagate
Choking out the life
Working on a hive mind of the greatest good
Anything that I could hurt, I would for free
Never knew that turning the odds around
Could feel so sweet
Track Name: Time Well
Couldn't stop my mind from pacing,
Left the lid ajar
Always looking for a way out
Pissing in the aether of my own pond
I was getting away but this wretched world
Had proven to be strong
I was living in a time well looking for an angle
Knowing there's none
Couldn't stop my ears from ringing,
Sounded like the sea
Think I heard it in a shell once,
Heard it on the power lines, hear it repeat
I was pulling away but the very earth
Was pulling back on me
Been assessing my surroundings
Beating back the howling winds of defeat
And the spires they refuse to fall
In the after-all
And the briar tore my hide apart in the after-all
And my armor nearly rusted off in the after-all In the after-all
Track Name: 52Hz Whale
Alabaster causeways
Bronze Age pointed towers bending as they fold
Alone yet not alone
Braving currents
Serving serpents
Raised in their realm
Worked in their world
Diminishing return
Wearing raincoats
Casting shadows over stranger’s headstones
You take photos on the way
Tired chapels
Precious metals
Silent altars
Reliquary bones
Fingers and toes
Two way mirrors

T.V. Dinners
Changing channels
Carried on the storm
True to form
Track Name: The Passenger
I was not myself today or the night before,
I’m the passenger
Picking up my tired frame
Crushed beneath its skull
Buts it's barely full, still I feel the pull
Either way the pendulum would swing,
Turning my trajectory
By the law of averages it’s my turn to fall,
Heavy lids and all
Once I was a conduit,
I sang extinction songs with the animals
Didn’t heed the call
Either way the tower starts to sway
I would barely feel a thing

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